Animayoooooo Here I come!!

May 20, 2016

I have to say, Animayo is an amazing festival, very energetic with incredible selection. It was an honor to be invited to be part of the Jury and to present two Master Classes. One on the Making of Mila and one on Storyboarding. “From Words to Images: The art of storyboarding”. Had the pleasure to meet so many talented artists like legendary Bob Kurtz and Luis San Juan Pallarès, Puneet Sharma, Manuel González and Luca Raffaelli. I had a great time! Thanks to Animayo Director Damián Perea, best host ever!!

Here are some fun moments!




Animayo-Mosaic-#7 Animayo-Mosaic-#8Animayo-Mosaic-#9Animayo-Mosaic-#10-3



Tauron Silver Orchestra!!!

May 20, 2016

Jumped on a plane to Italy. Stayed 48 hours so basically one hour of flight for every hour spent in Italy… CRAZY but totally worth  it! Mila power once again makes the impossible possible. The amazing Flavio Gargano, Mila composer, created an orchestra of volunteers musicians to record the trailer! Check this out!

You can watch a mini documentary here:


The Mila Team goes to Romics 2016

May 20, 2016


Valerio Oss, Lorenzo Pedergnana and Flavio Gargano are presenting Mila Behind the Scenes at Romics 2016!

Thanks to Antonello Risati, Eric Rittatore, Riccardo Pietracaprina, Andrea Vittozzi and Raffaele Giasi for the support!!




Official “The Making of Mila” Poster

May 20, 2016

In these last few month we had some many requests from studios and festivals to share how we are producing Mila with a crew of over 25o artists volunteering from 25 countries that we decided to go pro!! Hope you like it!!